il culiao
il culiao

1936 Hitler Youth display of strength.

Two German soldiers had destroyed Soviet bunker near Sevastopol.

Russian soldiers pray for victory prior to the launch of the Brusilov Offensive. While they would accomplish the objectives of the offensive, it was at the cost of over one million casualties.

Three American soldiers learn to overcome the barbed wire in preparation for the landing in Normandy.

as always i’m chasing my fears, brings me wisdom to see that i’m lost in the years


These are survivors from the Titanic boarding the Carpathia in 1912.

Soviet sappers doing a pass in the portable wire sling by means of small scissors for cutting wire. Karelian Front.

Sappers armed with 7,62 mm rifles, SVT-38. On the belt visible sword bayonet from SVT-38 in the sheath. The portable wire sling is designed to close gaps between the barriers. Carrying a slingshot by four men. Small scissors designed for cutting barbed wire. When breeding pens cutting edges of scissors apart, while reducing the cut. Effort at cutting the barbed wire small scissors is 8-12 kg. Scissors have a length of 38 cm

Waffen-SS soldiers are fighting around the Belgian city of Bastogne during the German offensive in the Ardennes. The end of December 1944.

British paratroopers carrying a wounded comrade near Oosterbeek

France, 1934
Paris, 1930 

Peintre sur les quais de la Seine, Paris 1933 

Paris, Belleville, 1940s

Basilicata Matera, Italy 1951